K e p l e r

A gaming fund supporting exceptional developers across the world.

Fair Terms

No 100% recoupment period. Revenue share from dollar one. Flexible payment schedule. Keep your IP and sequel rights.

Creators First

Capture the spotlight. You are the creator. All marketing activities focus on you and your game and not on us.

Hands Off

Creative and business decisions are yours to make. You get the final say.

Passion Driven

We fund games we get excited about and would enjoy playing in any genre and region.

Platform Relationships

Release date, platforms, exclusivity, subscriptions, discounts, and more are all decided and managed by you. We work with you to find the best platform deals, and you make the final decision.

Better Cash Flow

All sources of revenue flow directly to you before sharing with us, eliminating delays in payments.

Some of Kowloon’s portfolio: