K e p l e r

Kepler Interactive is a global publisher and game developer built on a unique co‑ownership model. Kepler gives studios a stake in the business and a leadership role in strategic decision-making, at the same time as preserving their creative independence, enabling them to make fun and commercially successful games appealing to a wide audience.

Our Games:

Our Studios

As a part of Kepler, studio founders become co-owners with a say in the decision-making process of the collective and are able to utilize the benefits that a model like this can provide. Marketing, operations, finance, publishing, technology and even team expertise: the combination of resources enables each studio to achieve their goals, all while maintaining creative freedom. Our studios include:

We love stories about people who create. We’re interested in how games influence other areas of creativity, and how we as game developers are influenced in turn. Read the first iteration of our new editorial section below: